People with disabilities are being LOST in KanCare

How individuals on the  HCBS PD Waiting List are being permanently removed from the list without their knowledge!  

  • May 2013- 4 Million dollars from KanCare savings was appropriated for the PD Waiting List.
  • November 2013- KDADS sent letters to the first 461 names on the PD Waiting List offering them PD Waiver services.
  • January 2014- KDADS placed 56.9% or  263 of the 461 names on the “Unable to Contact” list.
  • January 2014- a KACIL Member CIL found #323 on the list.
  • January 2014- In a committee hearing, KDADS provided the legislature with budget solutions to fund the IDD Underserved list.  One solution was to re-allocate the PD Waiting List money due to not being able to locate people on the PD list.  The House and Senate re-allocated the money.
  • March 2014 – KDAD sent letters to all people on the PD waiting list stating they must verify their contact information and continued interest in the PD waiver by June 30, 2014 or be removed permanently from the list.

Unless found by June 30th, people will be permanently removed!

PD Waiting List of 2,606 people:   202 found & 2,404 LOST

Details about the 202 found!

Original 263 lost:    6 found & 257 LOST

People who want to remain on PD Waiting List:   124 Found

People who died while waiting:   14 Sadly Found

People who are already receiving services:   45 Found

People who no longer want PD waiver services:  13 Found

People who are not on the state list but should be: 2 Found

KACIL member CILS are looking for people right now!  If you know of anyone who is on the PD waiting list contact KACIL today!  We will update the numbers each time someone is found!